We are Alison and Sean, Pacific Northwest outdoor adventure photographers based in Kenmore, Washington. We specialize in nature photography, from landscapes to animals and wildlife to the night sky. You will also see a few photographs of cities and architecture in our portfolio. We spend much of our time in the mountains of Washington State, traveling by foot in the warmer months and by skis in the winter. We also travel further afield when possible, with a notable amount of time spent in Utah. And, we are always planning the next adventure!


We both had a love of photography before we met, and have enjoyed adventuring together ever since. Alison loves photographing the Milky Way, as well taking many photographs of wildlife and other animals. Capturing the beauty of the night sky and its many stars is one of her favorite things. Sean really enjoys taking long exposure photographs of waterfalls and macro shots of plants. He could spend hours photographing bees flying around flowers.


While spending lots of time exploring our beautiful planet, we also do our best to protect and advocate for the earth and her people - see Giving Back for more information.


Our name Evenfall Photographers comes from one of our favorite times of day for photography:

e·ven·fall  /ˈēvənfôl/  noun. the onset of evening; twilight; dusk

You can find us outside at all times of day taking photos, but especially in the golden hour of the evening, as the sun sets and day turns to night.

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